#16 Knee-length shorts

They're perfect for the discerning lesbian who wants to maintain a somewhat professional appearance during the summer months...while also being the perfect length for protecting your fingers from twist-off capped Smirnoff Ice bottles.

#15 Finding Fault in Everything Male-Related

You're not a man hater. You just play one on TV.

#14 Neckties

Lesbians are the new Annie Hall.

#13 Bonfires

Lesbians love building big fires. I've done the math, and 1 out of every 3 lesbians has heard or said the words "We're meeting at the beach* at 9pm. Bring a 6-er and your bikini top. We're settin' shit on fire."

*depending on where you live, this word is interchangeable with "high school track," "docks," "quarry," "reservoir," "dunes," and "Cindy's backyard."